Android Development or iOS development: Which one to begin with?

Well, you have learned programming and now want to use your knowledge to build an app. The first question that comes to mind of every programmer is which platform to choose, android or iOS. Well, to be honest, this question doesn’t have a single line answer. There are many factors to consider while choosing the platform. Once you master one platform, it’s not difficult to switch to the other. But skill is not the only constraint. There are other factors too. Let us discuss them.

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Tools and Devices

For android development, you will require android studio as IDE ( though you can also use Eclipse with Android SDK) and using android studio will require at least 8GB of RAM for smooth functioning. Though it will also depend on the processor of the device. You can use any device with any operating system.
For iOS development, you will require Xcode as IDE, and it is only available for MacOS. So for iOS development, a Mac is a must. And because Macs are expensive, from a financial perspective, android development is cheaper to get started.

Target Audience

The platform you choose will also be decided by the audience you target for your app. As an example, if your target audience is from developing countries like India, it is wiser to choose android since majority of people here uses android.
On the other hand, if your target audience is from countries like the US or Australia, an iOS app will be a better choice.

Revenue Model

At one point of time it is obvious that you will want to monetise your app. It is known that iOS users spend more on apps compared to android users. Also, iPhones are popular devices for business. So business apps have better chances of making good amount of money from iOS.


For android development, you will require knowledge of Java or Kotlin and XML. Also concepts of gradle, manifests, etc. are required.
For iOS development, you will need to be familiar with Swift programming language. Also knowledge of SwiftUI, Storyboard, etc. are required.

Cost of Development and Publishing

As said earlier, the cost to develop an iOS app will include the cost to acquire a Mac. Moreover, to publish your app, developer account need to be created. For android, it costs $25, and it’s a one time fee. For iOS, it costs $99/yr. So publishing an android app is definitely cheaper as compared to an iOS app.

Development Time and Ease of Development

It has been found that it takes less time to develop an iOS app compared to an equivalent android app. So if time is a constraint, then iOS is a good choice.
Also, Xcode is better optimised, emulator runs smoother. Since iOS runs only on apple devices, you need not to adjust screen sizes and layouts to numerous devices. In case of android, because of fragmentation, your development time will increase. Also, the chances of failure of app is more because different android devices have different specs.


Well, it’s always upto you which platform you choose considering the above factors. When an app grows, it’s obvious that you will want to capture every audience possible, so making apps for both platforms makes sense. But for starting, take any one which fits your criteria and start working on it. It’s always better to start doing something instead of spending time thinking what to do.

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