Best Programming Languages to learn in 2022: Top 3


Programming skill is in much demand now a days. With the rise of tech startups, the need for skilled programmers has also gone up. Learning Programming can be a big booster to your career. Though there are many programming languages, these are the top 3 languages based on it’s applications and features.
Some are easy to learn while some may need some effort to get a grasp of. Still they have a wide range of applications and utility.

1) Javascript

Javascript is undoubtedly the best programming language to learn in 2022. It has wide range of applications. You can build functionality to websites, access databases, build progressive web apps and what not. Javascript is famous for having popular frameworks like Angular.js, Node.js, etc. All these open up huge possibilities just by knowing one language. It’s possible to build frontend and backend using Javascript only. So you won’t regret learning this language in 2022.

2) Python

Python is known as a beginner friendly language for it’s simple syntax. Apart from that, it is a popular language in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Frameworks like Django and Flask enables us to develop for the web. The vast range of libraries available in Python like numpy also makes many tasks easier and thus is preferred by many. If you are interested in developing AI models and want to pursue machine learning, then Python is the perfect choice for you.

3) Java

This list will be incomplete without mentioning Java. It has remained a popular programming language for many years. There are many applications of this language. You can build GUI based software applications using Java’s technologies like Swing. Java’s enterprise edition kit provides various tools for building enterprise applications. Spring is a popular Java framework for developing such applications. Apart from them, Java is also used in web development. Applets are a very popular use case of Java in web development. Android supports Java for development of it’s apps.
So if you want to make complex desktop software or mobile apps, Java is the way to go.
Apart from these languages, many other languages also have many utilities. For example Kotlin in android development, Dart in Flutter, etc. But these languages still dominate in 2022.

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