Companies of Alphabet,Inc other than Google:Top 3

I am sure everyone reading this knows about Google and what it does. We use it’s products daily for finding information on the web (Search), getting directions (Maps), watching videos (YouTube) etc. Google is owned by Alphabet, a parent company created when Google was restructured in 2015. Now, Apart from Google, Alphabet has many companies working on developing amazing technologies. Most of the companies are still in early stages and doesn’t generate significant revenue. But still, the kind of R&D they are doing, they are very promising companies. Let us know about the top 3 of them.

1) Waymo

Waymo mainly deals with developing self driving cars. Google’s self driving car ambitions are not new. It was working on them under the Google umbrella and before Alphabet was formed. Google combined data from it’s existing technologies like Maps and others to build autonomous cars. Google partnered with car companies for developing it. Initially, Waymo wasn’t the name neither it was a structured company. When Alphabet was formed, Waymo was created as a separate subsidiary entity. 

2) DeepMind

Google has always been on the forefront when it comes to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It develops technologies like TensorFlow. Even Google’s search algorithms are a culmination of various AI techniques and ML models. DeepMind specialises in developing Artificial Intelligence. It developed a neural network which can learn to play games in a similar fashion a human does. It is famous for developing a program called AlphaGo which beat the world champion professional Go player.

3) Calico

We have always wished if we could reverse ageing. Well, Alphabet is working on it also. Calico is a company that researches on preventing ageing and diseases related to it. Calico is an acronym for California Life Company. It is working on understanding neuro degeneration and finding ways of tackling it. Its results are unpredictable as of now, but if it worked, it can do wonders in the field of health.
Before Alphabet was formed, all these were projects under the company Google. After Alphabet was formed, the internet and related businesses were kept under Google and rest were formed as separate entities under Alphabet. Therefore, companies like YouTube and Android are kept under Google, since it was related to the internet and falls in the category of business in which Google specialises. 
Though Alphabet has many companies, major portion of its revenue still comes from Google, its main brand. Other companies are ambitious projects which are yet to give results.

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