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The world is full of software now a days, and they help us a lot. From photo editing to coding, these software facilitate the accomplishment of complicated tasks. Software industry is led by companies like Microsoft and Adobe which earns billions of dollars from their software. Their products have become a part of everyday life. Ask any person, and it is most likely that he or she knows about Excel, Word or Photoshop.


Software distribution models have changed over the years. Earlier, software were sold on CDs. Now a days, most software are distributed over the internet and they follow the subscription model. For example, Adobe has transitioned from the traditional model to the subscription model through the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

Apart from the popular software there are many others also which are super awesome. Let us discuss three software I love using on my computer.

FL Studio

Apart from doing things like blogging and coding, I enjoy making music. Though the music that I make doesn’t sound professional, but I still enjoy using it. It has a systematic interface for arranging, composing, mixing, etc. One of the cool feature of FL Studio is the piano roll. I love using the piano roll to compose melodies. You can also connect your MIDI keyboard and start playing.

I must mention about plugins. FL Studio has some build in plugins and you have the option of installing others. Some are free, while some are paid. Some examples of plugins are Sylenth, Spire, etc.

As I do it just for fun and not professionally, I have not purchased the premium versions of the software. The free version doesn’t let you open a file after it has been saved and closed. Anyways, it is a great software for producing music.

Learn more about FL Studio

VS Code

I can bet that every developer knows about VS Code. It is a very popular choice among the programmers. This IDE from Microsoft provides various plugins and tools which facilitates development of large scale software.

It has various features like line numbering, syntax highlighting, smart suggestions and much more. It also has integrated command prompt or terminal to let programmers run commands. VS Code is widely used to develop mobile applications, web applications, PWAs, etc. We can smoothly integrate various development frameworks like Laravel and Django as per our requirement.

I love VS Code’s extensions. There’s one for every task and they work smoothly. I have installed many of them, most of which are for various programming languages. It is an awesome software for development and very reliable and trustworthy as it is developed by Microsoft.

Learn more about VS Code

Android Studio

Another great software for programmers for developing mobile apps.

Similar to VS Code, it is also trustworthy and reliable since it is developed by Google. It is the official IDE for android development. It supports the development of android applications with its various tools like the SDK, Gradle, etc.

Managing a software project is not easy. If not organised properly, it can cause problems. Android Studio has various naming schemes for organisation of the project. For example, styles, colors, assets, etc are organised in their respective directories. It lets us create virtual android devices to test and debug our apps.

I use it for developing applications and learning how android development works.Despite having minor issues now and then,I love using it.

Learn more about Android Studio

So these are my three software I wanted to mention in this post. What about you? You can comment your list of favourite software in comments.

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