Five must have mobile apps for growing your business

Mobile apps have changed the way we connect, work and learn things. With mobile apps, the world’s information is just a tap away. We have an app for everything, for social networking, for photo editing, for gaming, etc.

The large availability of apps facilitated managing our work and business. Being able to manage our business and grow them using these apps can benefit us greatly. Businesses looking to increase their business exposure or looking to manage it from their smartphones can now do so, thanks to these apps. Though there are many helpful apps out there, I am mentioning five of them which I find helpful. So, let’s get started.

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1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a popular website traffic analysis tool from Google. I had earlier talked about Google Analytics in this post. Now, apart from accessing it from a desktop computer, you can access it using it’s mobile app too.

This has many advantages as it lets you view your website stats from anywhere, using just your smartphone. Google Analytics app is available for Android and iOS operating systems. You have to just install it and set it up using your Google account.

The app shows you various metrics, using graphs and other visuals also. You can see stats by mentioning the date, week or month, whichever you prefer. Apart from these, it also shows active users in last 30 mins under the tab realtime users. You can see insights, report snapshots among others right through the app in your smartphone.

View Google Analytics on Google Play Store.

View Google Analytics on Apple App Store.

2. Meta Business Suite

If you have a Facebook page that represents your business, then Meta Business Suite makes its management simple through the app. You can see your page’s audience reach and other stats, create posts, send messages on behalf of your business and much more. You can also schedule your posts to be posted automatically at a set time.

Meta has been integrating all its products with each other, especially Facebook and Instagram. In this app, you can connect the Instagram account of your business with your Facebook page. This makes managing both of them easier. Growing a Facebook page can help your business reach out to new customers and boost your sales. You can use the Meta Business Suite to get the most out of Facebook.

View Meta Business Suite on Google Play Store.

View Meta Business Suite on Apple App Store.

3. Meta Ads Manager (Formerly Facebook Ads Manager)

Facebook is the most popular social networking service. With such huge audience base, it provides you a unique opportunity to promote your business. Meta lets you create ads and run them on it’s products like Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

To create ads using Meta Ads Manager, you need to have an advertiser account. After you have one, you can log in to the app using this account to start running ads. While running ads, you will have to enter various details for ad targeting such as location, interests, age group, etc. The more specific you are about your audience, the better will be the results.

After creating ad, it will take sometime for Meta to review your ad to check for policy violations. If no issues are found, your ad will start running and you can see your ad’s performance right in this app.

View Meta Ads Manager on Google Play Store.

View Meta Ads Manager on Apple App Store.

4. Google Ads (Formerly Google AdWords)

If you sell using an online store, or if you want to drive more potential customers to your website, then search engine advertisements can prove to be beneficial. Since Google is the most popular search engine in the world and billions of searches are handled by it, putting an ad on google can be a great step.

The steps for google ads are more or less similar to that of Meta. You need to have a Google Ads account. For creating ads, you have to set your goal, set duration, set budget, etc. Google is a very popular site, so the cost of advertising is a little expensive. You can check how competitive a particular keyword is by using Google’s Keyword Planner tool. Google Ads app lets you accomplish these tasks right from your smartphone.

Visit Google Ads on Google Play Store.

Visit Google Ads on Apple App Store.

5. WhatsApp Business

This list will be incomplete without mentioning about WhatsApp Business. It lets users create business accounts with various features like the ability to display product catalogs, business timings, etc. Since WhatsApp user base is so huge, having a WhatsApp business account will help improve your business credibility. You can interact with your customers and provide better customer support. And having a good customer support can benefit your business hugely and make your brand a trustworthy business which customers trust.

Visit WhatsApp Business on Google Play Store.

Visit WhatsApp Business on Apple App Store.

So these are five apps which can help your business reach out to more people. Go and install these apps and grow your business. Good Luck!

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