Five WordPress Plugins That You Will Love Using

WordPress is regarded as the best Content Management System (CMS) in the world. It is used by many popular websites. But no one can deny that one of the reasons WordPress is so popular is because it has a collection of large number of plugins which are very useful. They provide various functionality and helps people to get the most out of their website.

WordPress have plugins that are both free and paid, but most of them runs on the “freemium” model. I am discussing here three plugins that you should try once, and I am sure you will love it. I personally use these plugins in iCuriousGeek( except WooCommerce) and I love it.

Though WordPress has numerous plugins which are very useful, it’s not possible for me, or anyone, to write all of them in a single post. So I am writing about five that I love the most. So, let’s get started.

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1) Site Kit

If you have a website, I am sure you want to view the stats of the website. And to do that, the best tool out there in the market is Google Analytics. Moreover, you may also monetise your site using AdSense, and you will definitely want to look at your earnings.

To do all these tasks, you will have to visit the respective sites manually. But, with Site Kit, you can view all those stats right in your WordPress dashboard. Though that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to visit the respective sites at all. For setting up Google Analytics and Google AdSense, you are required to visit the respective sites, but once accounts are set up, you can connect those accounts with Site Kit and monitoring the stats will be a lot easier.

Learn more about the Site Kit Plugin

2) WooCommerce

If you want to sell things, WooCommerce is the plugin for you. Though I don’t use WooCommerce on iCuriousGeek website as of now, but it will be the one I will choose if I ever need an online store. WooCommerce let’s you convert your website into an online store. You can list your products, prices, stock units, etc. You can also integrate payment gateways or shipment service providers. The whole interface of WooCommerce makes e-commerce on your website way easier. WooCommerce also provides a mobile app for Android and iOS to let you manage your store from your phone.

Learn more about the WooCommerce Plugin

3) Social Snap

When you write good content, you definitely expect your readers to share it on their social media platforms. To make the process easier, having social sharing buttons is very essential. Social Snap lets you to embed social sharing buttons on your posts, so that readers can directly share your content by clicking the button for their social media platform of choice. The free version lets you add buttons for popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter and the paid version lets you add many more social platforms. In addition to that, you can add floating social sharing sidebars to your site, show share counts, etc. You can also add follow buttons directly on your site which will redirect users to follow your social media accounts.

Learn more about the Social Snap Plugin

4) Newsletter

Email marketing is very essential to the growth of a website or blog. Newsletter is an amazing plugin that lets you create subscription forms and collect user information like name and email address. After readers subscribe to your site or blog, you can create beautiful newsletters to announce product launches, new posts, offers, invite to events etc. All these can be done with the newsletter plugin. Though there are many such plugins which are meant for professional use, but for anyone who is just starting out, newsletter can be the best choice. After you send newsletters, you can monitor the stats and see how your newsletter is performing like number of opens, clicks etc.

Learn more about the Newsletter Plugin

5) All In One SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is an essential component of your blog’s success. Your hard work must be discovered by people, and since most people search for information on search engines like Google, optimising your content for the search engines will greatly enhance your content visibility and hence, increase traffic. AIOSEO lets you effectively optimise your content and suggests the best practices for search engine visibility. It gives your content a score out of 100 which is a measure of how good your optimisation is. The best thing is that you can customise your content while you are writing it by opening the AIOSEO tab. It shows you the search preview of your post or content, analyses your post headline and also suggest you the best measures to take for effective optimisation. AIOSEO also offers a paid version with more features such as link assistant. This plugin can get you good results if utilised properly.

Learn more about the All In One SEO Plugin

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