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 Growing a business is not an easy task. In this digital era, online presence is crucial to the growth of the business. Applying tactics and using tools to expand your online presence can help you in many ways to grow your business. When it comes to online presence, you can’t ignore the tools provided by Google. The tools, if used properly, can greatly impact your business. Lets look at some important tools and products by Google for business.

    Google Search Console

Having a website of your business won’t be much valuable if it doesn’t appear in google searches. Most people search on google for information and it’s most likely that a website’s main source of traffic will be google search. Therefore, its very important to make sure your website is in google’s search index so that it can appear in search results. Google Search Console lets you submit your URLs to google for indexing. Google checks for any errors and if everything is fine, then it will show a “URL is on Google” label, that means your URL is in google’s index and can appear in search results. Though when and where it will appear will be decided by Google’s algorithms. In addition to submitting URLs, its wise to submit a sitemap of your website. It makes it easier for google to index it. One more important point is, since most people browse web from a mobile device now a days, google also checks if your website is mobile friendly or not. So, making your website responsive is the best way to ensure that you get most out of your online presence.

Click here to go to Google Search Console

Google Ads

Advertising is an effective way to promote your business and get more people to buy your products, visit your website, etc. And advertising on google is one of the best ways to reach millions of people. You can use Google Ads for creating ad campaigns where you specify your budget, target audience, where to display and other information. After your ad is approved, google will show your ad to users. There are factors which decide whether you have a successful campaign or not. You have to know how to budget your campaign, how to target audience, how to define keywords, etc. If done properly, running a Google Ad campaign will yield great results.

Google Business Profile

If you have a business that has a physical location, or a service that you provide at a particular location then creating a Google Business Profile has great benefits. It lists on Google Maps, where people find your business easily, thus increasing customers. You can customise your profile providing details of your products, photos, timings, offers and much more. You can also build up reputation by receiving reviews and interacting with customers.


If you are a developer or a content creator, you can use Google AdSense to monetise your content and earn money. Google AdSense lets you display relevant ads on your website or videos to earn you revenue. Many famous YouTube personalities and Bloggers rely on AdSense for their income. It can be a great tool. But it has certain rules and thresholds which you need to meet before applying to AdSense. You need to make sure you follow its guidelines to avoid getting banned.


If you develop mobile apps, then AdMob provides a way to display ads on your apps. You can choose among different Ad formats like banner, interstitial or native. If your app becomes popular, you can earn huge amounts of revenue from AdMod. Here also, similar to AdSense, you have to follow the guidelines mentioned by Google.

Google Analytics

While growing a business, its also important to keep track of data like from where you are getting customers, how much time they spent on your site, etc. Google Analytics let users keep track of all these data. Knowing all these information helps you tweak your business to fit the demand and make appropriate changes.
Apart from these, Google provides many other business tools for customers. You can use them to grow your business. I have mentioned the link to google products below. Visit it and click on the business section to see all the products and tools offered by Google for business.

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