How to earn money online? Know the various ways

The way people earn money has changed over the years. With the rise in online technologies, new ways came up of earning money. While talking about earning money online, I am talking about the ethical ways. Before I write down the ways, I would like to clarify that earning money is not easy. And never believe in sources which claims it is possible. Genuine ways always take time.

Apart from earning money, what these ways give you is the platform to polish your skills. While doing these consistently, you will learn many things in the process. So, let’s get started.

Through website or blog

There are various ways in which you can earn money through your website or blog. If your are passionate about writing, you can help people by sharing your knowledge and expertise and in return, can earn good amount of money. There are many bloggers who earn huge sums of money. But, to reach to that level, you will need consistency in your work and for a long period of time.

Apart from blogging, you can sell digital items and other products by creating online stores using technologies like WooCommerce or Shopify. You need to decide what do you want to sell and make arrangements accordingly. At first, you may need to promote your website on Google or Facebook by displaying ads. But if your website is already popular, driving traffic won’t be a problem.

You can read this post about three popular ways of monetising your website/blog.

Though Freelancing

You can do freelancing to earn money. You need to have a particular skill for it. For example, if you have coding skills, you can work as a freelance developer. For getting started with freelancing, you can register on various freelancing platforms like UpWork, Fiverr, etc.

You will have to create a profile stating your skills and kind of projects you want to do. Some platforms also test you on your skills before giving you projects. As you complete more and more projects, your freelance profile will be trusted more and you will get more projects. And yes, you can do more than one type of work if you have additional skills. For example, you can work as a developer and as a writer both at the same time.

It is also beneficial if you build a portfolio website to showcase your completed projects. This builds trust and your reputation.

Through social media pages

If you are someone who is really into social media, it’s time for you to do something productive instead of just scrolling them. Growing social media pages take time, but can give you many opportunities to earn money. The best approach would be to create a page about something you are passionate about and have relevant skills.

As an example, if you love cooking, you can share tips and recipes on your social media page. People who are passionate about food will be your target audience. When talking about social media, I am mostly talking about Instagram and Facebook. These platforms have a huge user base plus they have great monetisation tools for creators.

After you have a considerable amount of followers, brands will approach you for promoting their product. You can choose to promote the products in exchange for a fee.

Through a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a very popular video platform and I don’t need to explain about it. Now a days, for everything, people prefer to search on YouTube for a relevant video. In fact, many people prefer video content more over written content. You can record videos showcasing your skills and upload them on YouTube.

In this case also, you need patience. Nothing will happen overnight. You have to keep uploading quality content consistently to see the results. Also, you can do a little research about what type of content your audience wants and make them accordingly.

For monetisation, YouTube lets you monetise your videos through AdSense ads, but for that, they have a certain threshold in terms of number of views and subscribers. After crossing the threshold, you can apply for AdSense. Here also, you can promote products from brands to earn money, but this only happens after your channel becomes popular.

By creating online courses

If you don’t want to upload free videos on YouTube, you can create a bunch of videos in the form of a course and sell it on platforms like Udemy and Coursera. These platforms allow people to upload courses and when people buy them, you get paid. Of course, you can set any price for your course, but you have to keep a reasonable price so that you get more buyers.

These courses will act as a source of passive income for you. Once you do the hard work of creating them, you can get paid as long as people continue to buy your course.

Here also, content quality is a major factor in determining your course popularity. Users can rate the courses and a bad rating will discourage people from purchasing your course. Just make quality content, then only upload the course.

Through Online Tutoring

Online teaching has gained much popularity lately, thanks to COVID-19. Platforms like zoom, google meet saw increase in users and more and more people have shifted to the online mode.

You can tutor people online using these platforms. You just need some minimal setup like a board, camera, internet connection, etc and you are good to go.

One advantage of online tutoring is that you can get students from any region, and you can schedule classes at your convenient time. By using technologies like Zoom, Google Meet, you can earn good amount of money by helping others and sharing your knowledge.

For registering students, you can use something like Google Forms and for payments you can use various payment methods. In India, you can consider payment via UPI.

Wrapping Up

These are some ways that I can suggest to earn money. Not everyone prefers all. You can choose accordingly which way you want to pursue. Also, it is not that these ways doesn’t have disadvantages, but it is your task to maintain a balance and move forward.

Also I suggest you not to easily believe in quick get rich schemes as most of them are just frauds. Nothing is easy. So keep doing things in genuine way consistently. I wish you best of luck!

And if you succeed after reading this post, do invite me for a coffee 🙂

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