The best platform for blogging, Blogger or WordPress?

When it comes to blogging, two platforms that comes to our mind are Blogger and WordPress ( Both are amazing tools. But blogger is for beginners with limited features. On the other hand, WordPress has all the necessary tools and plugins required for creating a professional blog. Let’s deep dive into the features.


The look and feel of your blog is a very important aspect. Doesn’t matter how good the content is, if the look and feel is not good, chances are that people will not prefer to read your posts.

Blogger has limited number of themes. Though some themes look good, they do not have great customisation features. On the other hand, WordPress has tons of themes, both free and paid. You can choose among those to create the look and feel of your blog. The best thing is that you get amazing customisation features.

You can customize headers, footers, design sidebars, add search bars, etc. The paid themes gives even more but then also, the free themes get the job done well.


This makes WordPress so amazing. There is a plugin for everything. From SEO to social sharing, you will get a plugin you can customise and use to improve your blog.

Blogger isn’t good in terms of plugins. You have to do all tasks manually.

Content Ownership and Control

As your blogger blog is hosted on Google servers, so Google has the right to shut down your blog anytime. In case of WordPress, you host your content, therefore you have full control over your content. Also you can upgrade your hosting plans as your user base grows with time.

Search Engine Optimisation

Creating and maintaining a blog requires hard work. And getting it discovered easily is necessary. Search engines are a very good source of traffic. Therefore having good optimisation is required.

In WordPress, you can use various SEO plugins to optimise your site. It will suggest you correct means to arrange your content right when you are creating it.

Talking about Blogger, you need to customise it on your own or take help externally.


Integrations helps a lot in managing different services from a single dashboard. For example, Using the Site Kit plugin in WordPress, you can manage your Google Analytics, Google AdSense from your WordPress dashboard.

In Blogger, you will have to implement these tools and manage them individually.

Ease of Use

For beginners, Blogger may seem to be easier to use, because it doesn’t have the plugins and complications. But after some experience in WordPress, it will also seem easy to use.


Both WordPress and Blogger are good blogging platforms. The choice depends on the use case. If you want to do blogging just as a hobby without needing much investment, then Blogger is for you.

If you want to do blogging professionally, then WordPress is the way to go.

Starting from Blogger then migrate to WordPress?

You can follow this path but only when you know you can keep your SEO and all your search presence intact after migrating. For example, keeping same permalinks before and after migrations.

Otherwise, it’s best to decide first your purpose and choose the platform at the beginning only.

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