The next big impact after smartphones:Top 3

 Smartphones have changed our lives forever. Today, it’s very hard to even imagine a day without our smartphones. We need them every time, be it for socialising, sending mails, managing business stuffs or other stuff. When the first iPhone was launched in 2007, people even called it the ‘Jesus Phone’ for having capabilities that were far ahead of its time. Now, these features are basic ones present in every smartphone.

But, have you wondered what could be the next big thing after smartphones. Will there be any product or technology which can impact us the same way smartphones did. Here, I have compiled a list of top technologies that might be the next big thing and change our lives.

1) Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Devices

Augmented and Virtual Reality, I am sure you must have heard these terms by now. May be you even have experienced one. These terms are trending lately, thanks to efforts by big tech companies to develop them. Facebook (now Meta) develops the Oculus brand of VR headsets
Apple develops ARKit to let developers develop great AR experiences. Apple is pushing hardware improvements to its top iPhone series to enable great AR experiences. (e.g. LiDAR sensor). 
Microsoft is also not far behind. It has its HoloLens. 
The reason these companies are investing in these technologies is because these technologies can be a very big thing someday. They enable people very immersive experiences, can open up a virtual world ( the metaverse) where ecommerce can happen, bring revolution in health care sector by observing organs in AR and much more. This technology, when fully developed, has the potential to create an impact greater than that of the smartphones.

2) Robots

We all have seen robots in science fiction movies, and some might have seen them for real also. The Research & Development of Robotics are being done by various organisations. These robots can greatly ease tasks which are usually tough for humans. They can be used to study nature in harsh conditions, they can be used in manufacturing units, can be used in super systems used to study space and galaxies and many more.
The development of robotics has been made possible with technologies like Machine Learning, development of Neural Networks, etc. A good example to showcase robot advancement is the robot Sophia developed by Hanson Robotics.
Though it promises huge advancement, many people fear its negative consequences on humans, and the debate is still not over. Only time will tell how things turn out to be.

3) Space Travel

Space travel is a fancy term, at least for the majority of people. But it’s possibilities can’t be ignored and the impact it can create can’t be underestimated. There may be a time when even common people can travel to space, but it’s still too early to imagine. The technology is under development. And after it’s development, initially the cost will be significantly higher. Companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin are investing heavily in this sector. In the process of developing technologies for space travel, many other advancements will also take place. For example developing reusable rockets.
These are the top 3 things that can be the next big thing, according to me. If you have any suggestion, you can comment it down. Though we all are amazed by technological advancements, we can’t ignore the negative impact while trying to accomplish them. It’s in our hands to develop them and keep things in balance.

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