There is something in “NOTHING”: The Nothing Phone 1

Very few phones are able to create so much hype as new iPhones do. But there is a new player in the league. It’s the Nothing Phone 1, which has been trending since it was announced.

Nothing is a consumer electronics company, founded by OnePlus’ founder Carl Pei. The company’s name is pretty unique, and so is it’s logo. The company is trying to differentiate itself from the competition. And after launching earbuds, it is now back with it’s first smartphone. Let us look at the specs of the phone.

Source: Nothing India

Specs of Nothing Phone 1

The phone has a display measuring 6.55 inches diagonally with 120Hz refresh rate.

RAM is of 8GB and 12GB.

Two rear cameras: 50MP + 50MP

One front camera: 16MP.

Features storages of 128GB and 256GB.

Runs on NothingOS which is based on Android.

Has all the sensors like gyroscope, accelerometer, proximity sensor, etc which are expected to be on a smartphone.

Has USB-C for charging and packs a 4500 mAh battery.

The Glyph Interface:LEDs on the back

The back side of the phone has been the centre of attention since the phone was announced. Unlike other phones, it has a transparent back with LED lights which light up indicating different notifications. There is also one LED indicating battery percentage. Nothing calls it the “Glyph Interface”.

Whether the glyph interface proves useful or not, only time will tell. But surely it differentiates this phone from the others to some extent. But do we want our back side to light up, or is it something that’s required?

Price and Where to Purchase

In India, the phone has a starting price of Rs 35,999 and can be purchased on Flipkart. The sale starts on 21 July at 7 PM.

Should I purchase?

Well, If you are a tech geek and want to experience new phones, then you can surely purchase. But, it is wise to wait and see how it’s performance compares to others in the same price range. Afterall, we want the best value for money, and we can’t bet on a new brand this soon.

Learn more about the Nothing Phone on Nothing’s India website.

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