Three reasons I love using an iPhone

iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most popular consumer electronic device of all time. It continues to attract users of all ages and of all locations of the world. At the time of it’s launch, it was a product which introduced people to features, which are now the basic elements of a smartphone. In fact, the first version of Android was launched on a phone with qwerty keyboard. Later on, they pivoted their software for touchscreen phones, catching up with the trend. Though Android is today the most widely used operating system, iPhones still has it’s charm and craze among people.

The first iPhone I purchased was a first generation iPhone SE, the cheapest one at that time. The excitement of using an iPhone was there, but there were many features which I really loved. Though the comparison between Android and iPhone will never end, still iPhone has certain features which makes it unique. For many people, these small differences might not matter much, but for me, these small differences matters a lot. Let us look at three reasons I love using an iPhone

User Interface

No one can deny the fact that iPhone’s user interface is the best in the industry. iOS is butter smooth, no glitches and super easy to use. You can keep what you want and no unnecessary stuff. One thing I would hate in my smartphone is bloatwares. I don’t want my phone to be cluttered with unnecessary bloatwares using up RAM and slowing down the phone. Thankfully, since Apple don’t make money from their Operating System directly, so there are no bloatwares in iOS.

One more important thing of iOS user interface is the organisation. Everything seems quite organised. For example, for any setting of any app, you don’t need to keep looking for the gear icon here and there, just go to the settings, and you will find settings for each app there. This makes things a lot easier.

The main reason which lets Apple provide this smooth interface is it’s efficient integration between hardware and software, and since Apple controls both the hardware and software of the iPhone, this is a feat that only Apple can achieve.

Software Updates

Software updates are a very important part of a smartphone. Not only for getting new features, but also for getting important security updates to keep your smartphone safe. And since your smartphone contains your data, the importance of keeping it secure can’t be undermined.

Each year when Apple launches it’s latest version of iOS, it releases the software even to three or four year old devices. Chances are that, even though you own an old iPhone, you will still get the latest software from Apple.

Talking about Android, except for the Pixel phones, only few phones receive the latest version of Android. Even some flagship phones also ship with an outdated version of Android. This is the reason why more iPhones are running the latest version of iOS than more Android phones running the latest version of Android.

Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy is an important aspect, especially in these times of increasing cyber crimes and frauds. Your smartphones contain a lot of information about you, from your contacts to your location, and these can be exploited by people with wrong intentions. iPhones are known for privacy, and Apple even advertises security and privacy as a USP of iPhones.

Apple implements features such as sandboxing to keep iPhones safe. Cracking an iPhone is difficult as compared to an Android phone. Moreover, Apple’s strict rules regarding app approval on the App Store ensures that only quality apps are published.

At the hardware level, Apple iPhones have either TouchID or FaceID for secure authentication, and the data used in identifying is stored locally on the device’s chip. All these measures makes iPhone a comparatively secure device.

Wrapping Up

Apart from these, there are many more features that makes an iPhone desirable. It is not that iPhones doesn’t have any shortcomings. There are many. But it is unique in it’s own way. It is always up to you to consider the features you need and choose accordingly. But because of the above cited reasons, I love using an iPhone.

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